Legacy Videos

The Gift of a Lifetime

Share your life story and family history in a personal documentary or video biography by Family Line Studios in Chicago. www.familylinevideo.com

Capture the life story and family history
of a Parent or Grandparent in a
~ Legacy Video ~
and give a gift your family will
treasure for years to come.

Are you looking for a truly special gift? For Mother’s Day? Father’s Day? A 75th birthday or other milestone occasion? Give the gift of a lifetime by capturing a loved one’s life story – in their own words – in a Legacy Video for your family.

For a very special gift capture the life story and legacy of a parent or grandparent in a video biography, family documentary, personal documentary, legacy video by Family line Studios.

A Legacy Video weaves a filmed interview with family photos, documents, maps and other memorabilia to bring stories and family history to life in a captivating yet very personal way. (See Samples)

The gift of a Legacy Video is certain to touch your loved one deeply. From reminiscing over a lifetime of memories to, later, watching as the family discovers the experiences and people who shape their lives – it is a gift that says ‘your story is valued’.

See video biography testimonials, personal documentary testimonials, video memoir testimonials, autobiography, legacy video testimonials

Or, perhaps you have stories and life lessons of your own to pass on? Or family history you want to preserve?Whatever your vision, budget and occasion, I can tailor a Legacy Video just for you!

To learn more about capturing your stories and history in a Legacy Video, contact me. A Legacy Video is a gift your family will cherish for years to come.

Contact Family Line Video in Chicago

Susan Saunders

Family Line Video, LLC
Legacy Video Production
Chicago & Beyond

Video Biography
Family Documentary

Capturing life Stories, history and memories
in Legacy Videos.

The life story and legacy of a loved one
is too important to let fade away.

Capture them today in a
Video Biography or Family Documentary.

A gift that will be enjoyed for
generations to come

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