Family Heirlooms

~ Family Heirlooms ~
Keeping Family Stories Alive

Family heirlooms offer a priceless connection to your family’s history and unique story. However, for an heirloom to keep it’s meaning, it’s story must be passed on as well. Otherwise, it may one day end up in the garbage, at a thrift store or on an episode of ‘Pawn Shop Stars’.

It’s easy to assume that our children, grandchildren and beyond will value something as we do, and expect them to hand our treasures down to their offspring. The truth is that unless our children and grandchildren know the family stories that accompany these heirlooms, they are unlikely to treasure them as we do.

If you have family treasures you plan to pass on, it’s time to ensure their significance within the family is passed on as well. Start by taking inventory and preparing a brief narrative of the history of each family heirloom. If necessary, ask some of the older family members if you’re not sure of an heirloom’s story. Include your own thoughts on the heirloom and what it means to you.

Once complete, make several copies and distribute one to each family member. If possible, also keep a copy of the appropriate narrative with each heirloom or at least label it in some way. Finally, make a point of mentioning the heirlooms and their stories at an annual family gathering, say Thanksgiving, so the story is heard discussed and owned.

Family heirlooms connect generations and help to keep a family’s story and legacy alive. If you’re lucky enough to have a family heirloom, or have a treasured item of your own you would like to pass on, ensure that your descendants value it as you do by preserving it’s story as well.

Beyond the Family Heirloom

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~ Family Heirlooms ~
Keeping Family Stories Alive

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